MQTT Cover - Set Cover Tilt Position

I’m having a bit of trouble getting an automation to work when trying to tilt my MQTT cover for my blinds.

I can manually make my servo work by adjusting the slider on the card of the blind (cover) but I’m having a tough time getting ti to move when I write it into an automation.


My action is:

    service: cover.set_cover_tilt_position
      entity_id: cover.bedroom_amelia  
      position: 95    

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

BTW, I’m using this cover solely for tilting the blinds, not opening then in any way.

After further testing I have found that I can make the following commands work, just not a specific tilt value



So its all or nothing, which may in fact still work out ok, but I’d love to make the specific value work with the tilt position.

Could you write an automation to execute the open command eg. 17 times to get it the position you like it?

When I play with it I think the open function will actually open it enough so I may not need to repeat the command but it’s still frustrating not being able to make the set position command work

Any chance you could share the hardware you are using on the blinds? I would be interested to see the set up you have and what parts you are using.

I’m just using a NodeMCU attached to one of these servos

The servo attaches to the blind up the top on the gear that tilts the blind quite easily.

I’m currently playing with power supply options but testing it with a simple power bank as it’s not really in a place to run a usb cable to a wall socket. I can have the power bank easily accessible yet not stand out like an eyesore