Mqtt Cover tilt

I have Elero venetian blinds, which are being driven over mqtt.
I can control tilt up and down. Elero doesn’t detect tilt position, therefor I can’t detect it.

I reduced tilt command set from default 0 - 100 to 0 - 1, using options

"tilt_opened_value" : 1
"tilt_max" :1

which are described here

Tilt button works as described - tilt_up send’s command 1. But tilt slider is still from 0 to 100. Any number above 1 actually sends command 1.
Is this normal, does anyone else have similar issue ?
Is it possible to reduce slider range, or hide it ?


I think the slider represent the opening in percent so you have always 0% - 100%.
You have limit the values only from 0-1 so everything above 0% = 1 …

I have absolute no experience with cover tilt but shown in the docs you will have also a tilt _closed and a tilt_min value.

Maybe try something like:

    tilt_min: 0
    tilt_max: 100
    tilt_closed_value: 0
    tilt_opened_value: 1

I too have “Elero” blinds and I too try to configure them via an MQTT gateway. However the entity card does not show the additional controls for tilt, just the normal up,stop,down buttons.

I use essentially the mediola2mqtt add-on, that I did expand a little to include a bunch of additional values in the autoconfigure payload. But obviously I’m still missing something that triggers the rendering of the additional controls.

  "command_topic": "mediola/blinds/mediola/ER_0B/set",
  "tilt_command_topic": "mediola/blinds/mediola/ER_0B/set",
  "tilt_min": 0,
  "tilt_max": 1,
  "tilt_closed_value": 0,
  "tilt_opened_value": 1,
  "payload_open": "open",
  "payload_close": "close",
  "payload_stop": "stop",
  "optimistic": true,
  "device_class": "blind",
  "supported_features": 255,
  "unique_id": "mediola_ER_0B",
  "name": "Terrasse",
  "device": {
    "identifiers": "mediola_blinds_1921682208",
    "manufacturer": "Mediola",
    "name": "Mediola Blind"
  "state_topic": "mediola/blinds/mediola/ER_0B/state"