MQTT Cover with no position

Im trying to control some blinds/shades using mqtt cover integration. The shades dont have any kind of sensor for position. They just have a open button a close button and a stop button. If I start to close it and then stop it the device has no ideia how much it is open. Ater that I could continue closing it or, open it. The behaviour I expected from home assistant is that the state would always be opening, stopped or closed (because im using the state_stopped option). But instead it just assumes it is opened or close based on last action even though I set optimistic to false. This is a problem because either the open or close button are always inactive when the state is stopped but both should be acitve, the open button should only be deactivated when the state is opening. After reading the docs again it is my understanding that to avoid it predicting the open/closed state I have to provide a position but I have no position data. Is it possible to just make the state say stopped instead of open/closed?

Here is my autodiscovery topic value:

   "name":"Blinds 8 1",
      "name":"Blinds Device",
      "model":"Blinds Channel",

EDIT: I managed to get the buttons to work by forcing the position to be always 50%, it works but it is not ideal because the state always shows as Open 50%.