Mqtt cover, working config throwing warning

Hi lads,
I have a piece of hardware that isn’t supported by homeassistant natively, but does work with mqtt.

I’ve made entities and they have been working as expected.

But I now also see every time i open or close my cover, it throws a warning,

Nyone have an idea how to prevent it (since the mqtt is pretty ‘dirty’)

Logger: homeassistant.components.mqtt.cover
Source: components/mqtt/
Integration: MQTT (documentation, issues)
First occurred: 6:54:35 PM (1 occurrences)
Last logged: 6:54:35 PM

Payload is not supported (e.g. open, closed, opening, closing, stopped): {"id":"UL12","properties":{"shutterPosition":100},"type":"event"}

Please post the YAML config of your MQTT cover and examples of messages sent by your hardware.


  • platform: mqtt
    name: “Rolluik bureau”
    unique_id: “Rolluik_bureau”
    command_topic: “cloudapp/QBUSMQTTGW/UL1/UL12/setState”
    position_topic: “cloudapp/QBUSMQTTGW/UL1/UL12/state”
    state_topic: “cloudapp/QBUSMQTTGW/UL1/UL12/state”
    set_position_topic: “cloudapp/QBUSMQTTGW/UL1/UL12/setState”

    payload_open: “{"id":"UL12","type":"state","properties":{"shutterPosition":100}}”
    payload_close: ‘{“id”:“UL12”,“type”:“state”,“properties”:{“shutterPosition”:0}}’

    position_template: “{{}}”
    set_position_template: ‘{“id”:“UL12”,“type”:“state”,“properties”:{“shutterPosition”:{{position}}}}’

this is my cover settings from the yaml

and this is the mqqt
the topic:


and for the state itself:


The error message indicates that the message received in state_topic wasn’t valid (open, closed, opening, …).
Since you don’t seem to have that information available, I’d drop state_topic altogether and just have position_topic.