MQTT device tracker

Somewhere in the last few versions or so (I think), my MQTT device tracker (not MQTT JSON) has stopped marking me as away. It only recognizes the “home” payload, but not the “not_home” payload. I use this via an automation that my router triggers when my phone joins and leaves the wifi network.

Even if I explicitly send the “[TOPIC] not_home” MQTT command, it doesn’t ever mark itself as away.

I haven’t really noticed until now, because I use it in tandem with a location-based device tracker, but it certainly seems as if the “not_home” payload is no longer being recognized.

Oh, and I’m currently on v0.95.4

Device tracking has changed a bit in recent versions. Suggest you read the release notes.

I do read them for every release. I must have missed something. Can you point me to a specific version or to the line item that mentions this change?

It hasn’t stopped working for me. Just tested and verified it. It’s even reporting my zones.

Just did some playing around, and it seems as though it’s just my LogBook that’s not reporting my device_tracker as away. I was marked as home, so I set it to “not_home” and then back to “home” again. Only the “home” event is shown in my logbook!

From this morning:

For clarification in the images below, “Steve (router)” is my binary router device tracker, “Steve (location)” is my location-based device tracker, and “Steve” is my “person” entity. The location-based tracker shows up in the logs as “away”, and “home”, but the binary tracker never gets marked as “away” in the log book, even though the entity’s state is “not_home” when I look at the states dev page.

From yesterday:

Even weirder, is that in the next screenshot, you can see that the device tracker is not_home, but the history for it shows that it has been home for the past 24 hours. I’ve been out of the house, I swear :slight_smile:


I tried opening the actual “history” page, but it hung my browser.

Same for me!