MQTT - devices can be included in "integration"

Hi all,

I have a question about mqtt integration…
My mqtt broker is working fine, no issues, but wondering how can be devices integrated and then seen under “devices &services” - > MQTT. There I have 2 existing (but not the only) devices, one is HASP (plate1) and the other is for RPi sensor. I use mosquito mqtt addon.

For a while I have configured ebusd client, I’m getting all the data and sending command with ease, but…

how can I get this device (ebusd) to be seen under devices &services page?

Thank you.

If you look at the Home Assistant MQTT Docs regarding configuration (for example mqtt cover), you’ll see a section about device. It says Only works through MQTT discovery and when unique_id is set. Without this device information and unique id), HA will not show it in the “devices&services”.

If you are using MQTT Autodiscovery, the device itself should be supplying the device information in an mqtt autodiscovery message. If there is no device information in the message, then HA will not show it in the “devices&services”.

If you are using manual MQTT configuration, unfortunately you can not manually configure device information.

There is a work-around, and it may take a bit of work, but some Forum users will publish their own MQTT auto-discovery message (using a script) instead of manually configuring the mqtt device. This allows them to send their own device information. Here is a link:

Thank you @wmaker for your answer! I was affraid it’s more complicated than I thought :slight_smile:
I found some discussion on Github about implementing autodiscovery into device and …yeah it’s not so easy. For devices with such a big number of sensors and switches for a heat pump would be a lot of work, but would be ridiculously useful and easy for a user.
Anyway, thanks for the explanation, I’ll try to finish it manually :).