MQTT Discovery only fully detecting one ESPHome

I’ve got two (literally identical apart from name) ESPHome devices connected to my MQTT broker, both with Discovery enabled.
They both are putting messages into the broker, including configuration for all entities under homeassistant/

Only one of the ESPs is showing all of it’s entities in HASS, the other is only showing the Uptime entity.

Please let me know if anymore information is needed

Any ideas? Thanks!

Yes, please read this post here on how to ask a good question and what information (yaml, logs, etc.) you need to provide so people are able to help you :+1:

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Apologies, I was rushed and I didn’t match my standards for opening issues
I’ve sat down and had another read of the ESPHome Docs with a fresh mind.

I needed to change the Discovery Unique ID Generator to "mac" from the default of legacy.

I hadn’t spotted these in the logs before - they may have been cleared when I’d checked.

Platform mqtt does not generate unique IDs. ID **ESPbinary_sensorcontact_1** already exists - ignoring binary_sensor.unit1_contact_1
Note the string in double asterisks - this is the ID it kept trying to reuse for the second unit.

Now both all entities are appearing in each MQTT device

Thanks for your reply - it helped me get my mind into gear!

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