MQTT do not receive topic informations


at first hello from a newbie at the HA world :slight_smile:

I´m using a small homeserver for NAS, nginx and some other services on dietpi OS and want to to set up HA
with MQTT for my PV. Unfortunately i´ve no success setting up MQTT and need help.

My Setup:
Dietpi with Mosquitto and HA (obviously the Core Version, so no possibility to use addons)
PV with Hoymiles inverter and AhoyDTU on ESP8266

The main issue is to integrade the DTU entity in HA. Mosquitto already receive Dastas fom the DTU which i can see on the MQTT explorer(see picture below). In HA MQTT is installed and configured and is able to send datas to MQTT. How can i persuade HA to provide datas(entitys) from MQTT?

Thanks for help!