MQTT entity last update

Hello all, I have an ESP32 which has data from a 1-wire temp sensor, capacitive soil moisture sensor and a battery level monitor. It send the data over MQTT into my pi. I have a simple nodered flow that shows the incoming data. I also have entity cards setup in HA to display the data on gauges. Each gauge has a graph if you click on it and it shows the approximate last update time. Sometimes, when the sensors report the entity does not show it updated per the last update time. The data seems to change on the gauge but it does not reflect the update time. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? I have also noticed that all three data points do not always show up in nodered. I have tried to implement the QOS 1 setting but that did not make any difference. ( it could be coded wrong). I am just getting started with HA and I have a lot to learn.

Thanks for the help!