MQTT ESP8266 based (open source) ledclock (MDG ledclock)

I would like to present you my ledclock design.

The hour, minutes, seconds, background and hourmark colors and brightness can be controlled with Home Assistant (MQTT).

There is an ambient light sensor in the clock (to dim the display when the ambient light gets darker) the sensor lux values can be send to Home Assistant.

For a demo visit > MDG Ledclock ESP8266 based - YouTube

If you like to build or buy one visit degraafm76/mdg-ledclock ( for more information.

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Hey @degraafm76, can I use a ESP8266 ESP-12E CH340G for NodeMcu V3, these I already have and I would like to use, if I can use these, any idea which diode I would need to remove, and if any configuration change is required?

Product Link on AMZ

Technically it would work, but the V3 version won’t fit in the case. One advantage of the V3 is that you wont have to remove the diode. PIN VU (VUSB) is directly connected to USB and can be used to power the leds.

See the difference below

Awesome, so everything stays the same except VIN is swapped with VU?

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