MQTT Event doesn't show in the Overview dashboard

In the blog post for 2023.8, there is a description of the Event entity that implies they should show up in the UI (if marked Visible):

The beauty of the event entity is that they can be used like any other entity in Home Assistant: They will show up in the UI, can be used directly in the automations editor, and provide historical information in the logbook.

I’m not seeing it in the default Overview dashboard, however. It would be nice it shows up automoatically in the area for the front of my house where the gate sensor is triggered by a reed switch (ESP-01s, long story). Maybe with a time-since-triggered value.

In my case it’s an MQTT event I defined:

- name: "Front gate"
  unique_id: mqtt_event.front_gate_trigger
  state_topic: "trigger/frontgate"
    - "triggered"

I have my MQTT entities broken out into seperate yaml files, so the above is in mqtt_event.yaml, and in configuration.yaml I have mqtt: !include mqtt.yaml, and finally in mqtt.yaml I have event: !include mqtt_event.yaml.

I am able to add event.front_gate entity to a custom dashboard, and the entity itself works as expected (the triggered event_type causes the event to fire with an updated timestamp). It also shows up correctly in logbook.

If this is a feature request, I’ll be happy to open that in Github.