MQTT Help, please. Using broker add-on, can't connect?

For many years I have been using a separate Raspberry Pi3 running Mosquitto as my broker. (Using MQTT predates my introduction to Home Assistant).

In Home Assistant I use the MQTT protocol mostly in the Node Red add-on, but a few in HASP Blueprints.

So, my plan is to have Node-Red publish my MQTT topics on both brokers while I take my time reprogramming those devices to the Home Assistant add-on broker.

My problem, however is that the HA Broker will not connect. Any tips on setting this up would be appreciated. (The add-on logs show no errors).


Generic MQTT help can be found here (with lots of links to the docs):

Oh, and HASS doesn’t like IPv6 just in case that could be an issue for your network.

If this helps, :heart: this post!

Thanks, but I can’t even get MQTT Explorer to connect. I haven’t even gotten to flashing my devices yet.

I created a new user named BROKER and gave it a password. Entered this into MQTT Explorer, but still getting “Connection refused. Not authorized.”

Then check the username/passwords - which is explained in the text…

The docs just say not to use reserved usernames. But it also doesn’t like either MQTT or all caps for the username. I created a new user named mqttuser and the same password, and now it connects. WooHoo!

Thanks for the tips.