MQTT hub in Homey not sending values on Aqara zigbee sensors to MQTT broker


I have Athom Homey connected to HA through MQTT and it all has been working well. I some week ago installed a few Aqara temperature and door sensors to the Homey hub. However, the state/values on these Aqara sensors could not be read by HA. If I add a sensor card in Lovelace it basically says “Unknown, no state history found”.


When looking in MQTT Explorer I am able to see the devices but I can’t see a value or state of the sensors.

The sensors are working just fine in Homey, using an app without Aqara Gateway.

Why is not the values (temp etc.) or the state of the door sensor transmitted or recieved? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

  • Is it something I do wrong in the configuration of MQTT, either in HA or in Homey (MQTT Client and MQTT Hub)?
  • Do I need to use mqtt2zigbee?
  • Will Aqara sensors not work over mqtt, especially without a Aqara Gateway?
  • or what else is there?

I’m greatful for all the help because I’m out of ideas and forum pages to read.
Luckily my wife is not complaining so far, becuase she is getting the TV all by herself. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

They work for me without Aqara gateway, using zigbee2mqtt. I don’t know why Homey does not send anything. They do however only send something when temp or humidity changes.

I guess then that you use your Aqara sensors directly yo HA, through, zigbee2mqtt. I would like to keep them connected to Homey so I still can use the flows I have built up in Homey.

The door sensor alarm is always “false” no matter what and the temperature sensors have been changing values in Homey, so that is unfortunately not the case. :confused:

Sometimes one should not understand how things work (or doesn’t work). I reinstalled all apps controlling the mqtt on the Homey and suddenly it started to transmitt values on the Aqara sensors.

Should have tryed that earlier! :grimacing: :gun: