Mqtt hvac hysteresis values

i’ve just installed a mqtt climate thermostat but i’ve noticed that this entity hasn’t an hysteresis values anymore.

How have you done to prevent continuos on/off heating when current temp is around the target temp?

My actual climate config is like this:

- platform: mqtt
  name: "Termo Taverna"
  retain: false
  qos: 0
    - heat
    - 'off'
  mode_state_topic: "termo/taverna/state"
  mode_state_template: >-
    {% set modes = { 'false':'off', 'true':'heat'} %}
    {{ modes[value] if value in modes.keys() else 'off' }}
  mode_command_topic: "termo/taverna/modeset"
  current_temperature_topic: "termo/taverna/temp"
  temperature_state_topic: "termo/taverna/TempSet"
  temperature_command_topic: "termo/taverna/setpoint"
  min_temp: 13
  max_temp: 25.5
  temp_step: 0.1

Thanks in advace,


Hi Alessandro,

I’m facing something similar, have you succeeded with this issue you encountered ?

Thanks for your reply,

GhyslainBruno (very first msg on HA forum).