MQTT HVAC - Separate Set points for Cool and Heat

Newbie here. I am using the MQTT HVAC component. The heat pump that I’m configuring has a separate set point for cool and heat instead of a single one. The component only has a single set point (temperature_state_topic). Are there separate set points that I’m not seeing, or is there a way I can setup an automation so that when the mode is changed between cool and heat, I can change the temperature_state_topic value to point to the corresponding topic?

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To add to the previous post about how to use separate heat and cool set points with the MQTT HVAC component, I’m having a few other issues. Most notably, the component includes the ability to setup templates for rendering the current mode (heat, cool, etc) and temperature when the values are pulled from mqtt, but I don’t see a way to convert a rendered value back to the format required for the mqtt topic. For example, there’s a mode_state_template to convert mqtt values such as 0, 1, and 2 to user displayable values of Off, Cool, and Heat; but there doesn’t seem to be a way to convert Off, Heat, and Cool, back to a number representation to publish to mqtt. Seem there should be something like “mode_command_template”. What am I missing here? Thanks.

Also very interested to know how to set up this component to switch its temp command topic based on current state of device.

Essentially, this component needs to support both separate coolingSetpoint and heatingSetpoint topics or have a way to switch the topic based on the mode (auto, heat, cool, etc).

Any update here?

I am running into the same thing. Did you get this figured out?

I added this as a feature request here: MQTT HVAC - Please add Set points for Cool and Heat

Hopefully it will get some traction. Please go to the link and vote for the feature.