MQTT integration, connects to broker but no devices discovered

I recently had to rebuild my Mosquitto broker (failed sd card).
This was successful, and I can see devices being registered in there, however the integration was not picking up any devices.
I removed the old devices (now marked as unavailable) and removed the MQTT integration, rebooted, and added it back. It added with no problems, nothing untoward in the logs, but it just doesn’t discover any devices.
Im a bit stumped…

Logs from zigbee2mqttassistant look ok, and I see devices (but not capabilities) listed in Zigbee2mqtt. I can view the map, but the MQTT integration itself is empty of any devices/entities

Starting Zigbee2MqttAssistant v0.3.157+Branch.master.Sha.ea388c3bbc2d43c4c9c62f27bb6764911ba4acc9…
Hosting environment: Production
Content root path: /app
Now listening on: http://[::]:80
Application started. Press Ctrl+C to shut down.

whelp, never mind. Neeed to set homeasstant:true in zigbee2mqtt. Doh. I leave this here for anyone else that may make the same mistake