MQTT integration doesnt discover entities

Hi guys, this evening I was trying to make espresense work and ended up screw MQTT integration. I uninstalled it and reinstalled it. Now I have the espresense sending a lot of messages but no entity popup in MQTT integration. What can I do? homeassistant.local/espresense/rooms & devices spamming messages from my esp.
I followed the docs and set again everything: installed mosquitto broker with certificate, etc…

This is the current settings I have in the systems:

Hope somebody can enlighten me. I know there is something wrong but I cant see it.

Also Im not even sure if this config is ok in order to detect my watch, because when it used to work, the esp doesnt detect the watch, it just sent messages to mqtt but the sensor on home assistant didnt change the status. Here is the yaml

Thank you all

There has been a breaking change in Espresense. You can no longer use “espresense/rooms”. Instead you have to use “espresense/devices/your-device-identifier”. See here.

Well, now it works my phone and watch are changing to the correct rooms.
But in my MQTT integrations, I cannot connect my ESPs.
What should I do?

Assuming nothing else has changed, your ESP configurtion above shows “Send to discovery topic” is unchecked. Check it and see if that fixes it.

I am having roughly the same problem here. I do have the discovery enabled and here is my mqtt showing it is receiving messages from the state, however mqtt does not discover, and i am unable to get the sensor in to place on a dashboard.
This is my first time using MQTT so i have done well to get MQTT to get the data. I am 100% sure its something I have not done. Any one HELP Please
Paul :

I solved the problem ticking what it was suggested.
Also I open up MQTTExplorer and I saw that under the homeassistant topic there was my new entity, you should have to.
Then double check if in your MQTT config there is homeassistant as discovery topic and it should work.
In this case I saw that is a laptop, you must assure that the laptop is sending message on the discovery topic homeassistant. In the ESPresense you can selecting ticking the box and writing the discovery topic of your choice, in your device I dont know :slight_smile: Let us know