MQTT Integration how to change broker

Home Assistant 2023.2.5

Supervisor 2023.01.1

Operating System 9.5

I have installed Mosquitto broker and Zigbee2MQTT on my home assistant server.

I moved the existing data from my Zigbee2MQTT server to the Home assistant instants

From the web interface Zigbee2MQTT all is working and I see the topics in the broker.

I used the “Re-Configure MQTT” function in home assistant to change the broker to and changed username and password.

But all MQTT Entities have the status “Unavailable”

So Zigbee2MQTT and broker seem to work fine (on my home assistant server).

But not my old MQTT Entiti anymore.

How do I update /sync Entities zodat ze gebruik maken va nde nieuwe mqtt server.

I don’t know what I did but it works now. it seems slower than when it was still standalone. I will see what the future holds