MQTT-integration <-> z2m

So … I broke my zigBee-2-MQTT integration and now I need to setup it up again.

I’ve got my ZigBee-2-MQTT setup on a RaspberryPi in a docker installation.
I can verify that z2m talks to my MQTT-broker in HomeAssistant, but I don’t see any trace of my devices from z2m in HA.

My MQTT integration conf..
Discoveryprefix - homeassistant

Enable Birth mess. CHECK
Birth mess topic - homeassistant/status

Enable Will mess. CHECK
Will mess topic - homeassistant/status

z2m conf. (Hass integration)
Homeassistant discovery topic - homeassistant

Home Assistant status topic - homeassistant/status

z2m conf. (MQTT)
Base Topic - homeassistant

Check HA’s log file

A common problem is that you’ve set the frontend url value in Zigbee2MQTT to something that’s not a valid URL (eg instead of - and if that’s the case it’ll be quite obvious in Home Assistant’s log.

Do I need to adjust the Bond host as well or is it just the URL?

To be clear my HA and broker is on while z2m is on

Did you check HA’s log file yet?

I think we may have found our reason…
Now I just need to find where to adjust the ‘homeassistant//bridge/config’ so we don’t get a ‘…//…’

2023-06-02 14:46:14.657 WARNING (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.mqtt.discovery] Received message on illegal discovery topic 'homeassistant//bridge/config'. The topic contains not allowed characters. For more information see
2023-06-02 14:46:15.145 ERROR (MainThread) [homeassistant.util.logging] Exception in async_discover when dispatching 'mqtt_discovery_new_sensor_mqtt': ({'availability': [{'topic': 'zigbee2mqtt/bridge/state'}], 'device': {'configuration_url': 'http ://', 'identifiers': ['zigbee2mqtt_0x60a423fffee67e3e'], 'manufacturer': 'IKEA', 'model': 'FLOALT LED light panel, dimmable, white spectrum (30x30 cm) (L1527)', 'name': 'Floalt 05', 'sw_version': '2.3.087'}, 'enabled_by_default': False, 'entity_category': 'config', 'icon': 'mdi:power-settings', 'json_attributes_topic': 'zigbee2mqtt/Floalt 05', 'name': 'Floalt 05 power on behavior', 'state_topic': 'zigbee2mqtt/Floalt 05', 'unique_id': '0x60a423fffee67e3e_power_on_behavior_zigbee2mqtt', 'value_template': '{{ value_json.power_on_behavior }}', 'platform': 'mqtt'},)
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/src/homeassistant/homeassistant/components/mqtt/", line 316, in async_discover
    config: DiscoveryInfoType = discovery_schema(discovery_payload)

Why … why does your URL have a space in it?

I noticed the space and that was the cause of the problem. :slight_smile: