MQTT issue with ESP8266 running ESPEasy

Hi all,

I followed this instructions Yet another inexpensive Motion Sensor for Home Assistant - vCloudInfo on how to setup an ESP8266 running ESPEasy with a PIR sensor attached to it.

I´ve setup a binary_sensor in configuration.yaml:

  platform: mqtt
  state_topic: "NodeMCU4/Motion/Motion"
  name: "Office_Motion"
  payload_on: 1
  payload_off: 0
  device_class: motion

as well as a simple automation:

  - alias: 'Write file when motion happens'
    hide_entity: False
    initial_state: 'on'
      - platform: state
          - binary_sensor.office_motion
        to: 'off'
        from: 'on'
      service: notify.test
        message: "Motion detected"

But nothing happens.

When I connnect via putty to the ESP, I see that everything should be good:

MQTT : Connected to broker
Subscribed to: /NodeMCU4/#
INIT : Cold Boot
WD   : Uptime 0 ConnectFailures 0 FreeMem 23760
config call:Motion
SW   : State 1
config call:Motion
SW   : State 0

Also the homeassistant log receives data from the ESP:

Dec 28 11:36:29 hassbian hass[12334]: 2017-12-28 11:36:29 DEBUG (MainThread) [] mosqsub|18295-hassbian -out-> PublishPacket(ts=2017-12-28 11:36:29.070522, fixed=MQTTFixedHeader(length=26, flags=0x0), variable=PublishVariableHeader(topic=/NodeMCU4/Motion/Motion, packet_id=None), payload=PublishPayload(data="bytearray(b'1')"))
Dec 28 11:36:31 hassbian hass[12334]: 2017-12-28 11:36:31 DEBUG (MainThread) [] ESPClient1 <-in-- PublishPacket(ts=2017-12-28 11:36:31.771470, fixed=MQTTFixedHeader(length=26, flags=0x1), variable=PublishVariableHeader(topic=/NodeMCU4/Motion/Motion, packet_id=None), payload=PublishPayload(data="bytearray(b'0')"))

And when connecting via mosquitto_sub I also see the paylod 0 or 1:

/NodeMCU4/Motion/Motion 0
$SYS/broker/version HBMQTT version 0.9.1
/NodeMCU4/status Connection Lost
/NodeMCU4/Motion/Motion 1
/NodeMCU4/Motion/Motion 0

So what am I missing here?

Many thanks,

Hi @chrissbaumann, have you tried:
state_topic: "/NodeMCU4/Motion/Motion"
With ESPEasy you need the leading slash.

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That did the trick!
Thank you so much @VDRainer!