MQTT JSON Light - RGBW - using both RGB and W


I’m using mqtt_json component to control an RGBW led strip (through nodeMCU).

How do I set the RGB values to 0?

I want to be able to control both the RGB and the white values separately. Currently when I set it to the middle it sets the RGB to 255, like this:

Is there a way of setting those to 0 (through the UI)?

I’m afraid I don’t know, but can I ask what leds ur running ? And what you flashed it with ?

I had to flash mine with Bruhs digital LED and manaully change the fastled library to allow rgbw , which kinda works… All the colours are a bit off…

I am using my own code (lua-based), on nodeMCU firmware, and a standard aliexpress WS2812 leds strip.

The leds themselves work just fine, both the RGB and the W. I am asking how can I set the red,green,blue to 0 using the GUI in order to only have the WHITE turned on.