MQTT keeps broadcasting all of my Statues

All of a sudden every one of my Tasmota flashed devices keeps broadcasting STATUS0 thru STATUS11 every 5 seconds. It nice to have the most current data, but that is way to much data flowing to be any good.

Tasmota gihub has an issue section.

So you can tell me with out uncertainty that this is a Tasmota issue and not a MQTT issue then nickrot? For I have not changed or up dated either instances.

You told us it was the tasmota device broadcasting its status.

If it was a MQTT issue, that still isn’t Home Assistant. :wink:


So if my car always always pulls to the right when I brake, it must be that my front suspension is causing it to do so then. And not due to the fact that I have a near flat front right tire. Either of the two (or both) could be causing this issue. But I am looking for solutions here and not just finger (or wrench) pointing here

So you think that a device BROADCASTING data to a simple MQTT broker is because the BROKER is causing it?


This seriously sounds like a TASMOTA issue, not MQTT, and definitely not Home Assistant.

So if you subscribe to the mqtt topics you are seeing do this, are they being published too regularly by the tasmota device?

Well it is no longer doing the repeat of broad cast messages now ( after a final reboot of HASS.IO) go figure. I just had the MQTT command of:

mosquitto_sub -h -u usr -P pswd -t β€œ#” -v
As always to view all data passing by.

I was however, rebooting my HASS.IO image a lot today because of changes to my many yaml files. Maybe it got stuck in the interim of those reloadings.