MQTT Light - brightness change triggers duplicate messages

First, I’m new to Home Assistant and to this forum, so please forgive me if I do something wrong due to my greenness.

I’ve been digging and not finding anything to help with my situation, so here goes.

I’m running hass v0.112.4 and attempting to control some lights via MQTT Light.

When I turn the light either on or off, effectively initiating a state change, Mosquitto broker sees one published message, which is perfect.

However, when I make a single brightness change to the light by, say, tapping the brightness scale for the light in the Android app, Mosquitto sees two published messages when using the JSON template, and four published messages when using the default template. With the JSON template, the messages contain both the state and brightness values. With the default template, since I have the brightness topic separated, I get two state topic messages and two brightness topic messages.

I switched from the JSON template to the default template because I thought maybe there was something specific with the JSON template causing this behavior, but apparently it’s also baked into the default template… or maybe how MQTT Light deals with brightness changes.


  1. Is there a specific reason the messages are published twice when changing brightness?
  2. Is there a way to stop the duplicate messages since I don’t need them?