MQTT Light Brightness Recovery

Hello! I have a mqtt light that only allows brightness control. If you set the brightness to zero, it will turn off. If you set any non-zero - turn on. With this configuration, everything works successfully:

  - name: EcoDimG0
    brightness_command_topic: "/devices/ecodim_dali_gw2_21/controls/Group 0 Brightness/on"
    brightness_state_topic: "/devices/ecodim_dali_gw2_21/controls/Group 0 Brightness"
    state_topic: "/devices/ecodim_dali_gw2_21/controls/Group 0 Brightness"
    command_topic: "/devices/ecodim_dali_gw2_21/controls/Group 0 Brightness/on"
    on_command_type: brightness
    state_value_template: >
      {% if value|int > 0 %}1{% else %}0{% endif %}
    payload_on: "1"
    payload_off: "0"
    brightness_scale: 254

But there is one problem. If you turn off the lamp and turn it back on, it will turn on at 100% brightness. Is there any way to make the HA remember the brightness when turned off and restore it when turned on? Thanks in advance!