MQTT light wled_palette_list not working in HA 0.115.6

Hello HA Team,
I am working on WLED (wled_palette_list) lights and configuring on HA version 0.115.6 (release Sep’20) , getting the below error while validating the configuration.

I am trying to create a wled color palette using lovelace UI on HA (0.115.6) dashboard.

The error message is:
Invalid config for [light.mqtt]: [wled_palette_list] is an invalid option for [light.mqtt]. Check: light.mqtt->wled_palette_list. (See ?, line ?).


Configure a default setup of Home Assistant (frontend, api, etc)

name: Home
latitude: xx.xxxx
longitude: xx.xxxx
unit_system: imperial
time_zone: Asia/Kolkata

Text to speech


  • platform: google_translate

group: !include groups.yaml
automation: !include automations.yaml
script: !include scripts.yaml
scene: !include scenes.yaml


  • platform: mqtt
    name: “WLED Lights”
    command_topic: “wled/all”
    brightness_command_topic: “wled/all”
    rgb_command_topic: “wled/all/col”
    rgb_command_template: “{{ ‘#%02x%02x%02x’ | format(red, green, blue)}}”
    effect_command_topic : “wled/all/api”
    • “[FP=00] Default”
    • “[FP=01] Random Cycle”
    • “[FP=02] Primary color”
    • “[FP=03] Based on primary”
    • “[FP=04] Set colors”
    • “[FP=05] Based on set”
    • “[FP=06] Party”
    • “[FP=07] Cloud”
    • “[FP=08] Lava”
    • “[FP=09] Ocean”
    • “[FP=10] Forest”
    • “[FP=11] Rainbow”
    • “[FP=12] Rainbow bands”
    • “[FP=13] Sunset”
    • “[FP=14] Rivendell”
    • “[FP=15] Breeze”
    • “[FP=16] Red & Blue”
    • “[FP=17] Yellowout”
    • “[FP=18] Analoguous”
    • “[FP=19] Splash”
    • “[FP=20] Pastel”
    • “[FP=21] Sunset 2”
    • “[FP=22] Beech”
    • “[FP=23] Vintage”
    • “[FP=24] Departure”
    • “[FP=25] Landscape”
    • “[FP=26] Beach”
    • “[FP=27] Sherbet”
    • “[FP=28] Hult”
    • “[FP=29] Hult 64”
    • “[FP=30] Drywet”
    • “[FP=31] Jul”
    • “[FP=32] Grintage”
    • “[FP=33] Rewhi”
    • “[FP=34] Tertiary”
    • “[FP=35] Fire”
    • “[FP=36] Icefire”
    • “[FP=37] Cyane”
    • “[FP=38] Light Pink”
    • “[FP=39] Autumn”
    • “[FP=40] Magenta”
    • “[FP=41] Magred”
    • “[FP=42] Yelmag”
    • “[FP=43] Yelblu”
    • “[FP=44] Orange & Teal”
    • “[FP=45] Tiamat”
    • “[FP=46] April Night”
    • “[FP=47] Orangery”
    • “[FP=48] C9”
    • “[FP=49] Sakura”

could you please help me to resolve this issue? I am struggling to resolve this for long.
Much appreciate your kind support.
Thanks in advance

Hello All,
Can somebody look into this issue and share the valuable suggestions please. If you need any information please let me know.
I would really thankful to you all for your support.
Thanks & Regards,