MQTT Ligths - only on/off sent

I have two sites, both running Home Assistant, integrated through a cloud MQTT broker. This lets me control both sites through the same UI which is an amazing thing with Home Assistant using the StateStream functionality over MQTT…

The above setup works great for switches and sensors. But when I through Lights in, I can’t get it quite to work. Looking at MQTT in the Developer Panel, the only thing I see sent from the slave site is the on and off messages, not the brightness level or any other Light associated information. So it seems to work just like a Switch and not like a Light.

In the logger of the Developer Panel, I see Message Received like:
with the payload ‘On’ or ‘Off’. Nothing on the brightness level.

Does not Home Assistant follow its own message scheme for Lights, or am I missing something?

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A light’s brightness is an attribute. Do have publish_attributes set to true?

That did the trick… Thanks a lot! I feel kind of embarassed, I should have been able to google that up by myself.

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