MQTT message partly not recognized

I have a Tasmota device configured as smart meter. The MQTT message can be seen listening to MQTT in HA:
Nachricht 1 empfangen auf tele/Smartmeter_61755C/SENSOR um 13:17:

    "Time": "2022-08-05T13:17:36",
    "STROM": {
        "Total_in": 11895.51,
        "P1_in": 7916.161,
        "P2_in": 3979.349,
        "P3_in": 0,
        "aktL": 0,
        "Meter_number": "73495421",
        "Power_curr": 120,
        "Power_curr3": 0,
        "Power_curr4": 0,
        "Power10": 0
    "ESP32": {
        "Temperature": 52.2
    "TempUnit": "C"

From this message I can only use ESP32 temperature in HA. All data in the “STROM” section is not accessable. What could be wrong? How can I debug this?

It appears to be valid json. You should be able to access any of the values. Show what you have tried that does not work.

As you can see filtering for “smart” returns only stuff from tele STATE and the temperature from tele SENSOR.
Anything from the JSON subsection “STROM” is missing.

I can not see your configuration for the sensor.

What configuration? I have 10 tasmota devices and all of them come in without any explicit configuration. I have a config for filters etc. But raw MQTT data should come as is.


Just now all data comes in as expected. I didn’t touch anything (actually was out of the house for 3 hours). The logs show no error.
On the tasmota device I saw a reboot. After that HA recognizes the MQTT messages. Maybe the ESP power supply is unstable. But why HA ignores valid MQTT payload?