MQTT migration

I’m going to be migrating my setup from HAOS native on a raspberry Pi 4 to a docker container on a NUC.
I currently run the MQTT addon as my broker inside HA.

In the backup/restore process between devices will this move over?, do I need to reconfigure it/add it inside HA once again? or am I better off running it as it’s own container on Docker inside the NUC, if the last one is there any easy way to lift/shift all config and devices?

No. Container installs do not support addons.

I run HA in docker and my MQTT setup requires a separate docker container. It has worked well but as said the docker version of HA does not support add-ons so anything you needed an addon for you will now require another way.


Why not use HAOS native X-86 on the NUC and save yourself all the aggravation of using Docker at all? Then backup backs up everything- you don’t have to back up individual Docker images.

I moved from a docker container to HAOS on a RPi just for the addons. But you can probably use an LXC container instead of docker. That way you can install full HAOS as a container. LXC containers are like a middle ground between docker and a full blown VM that requires dedicated resources…

The NUC is reasonably powerful and dedicating it all to just HA is most likely a waste of it’s power.
I thought using Docker would be a simple enough solution and I wouldn’t paint myself into a corner giving up the whole machine to HAOS.

Add on wise I only really use, DuckDNS, MQTT and Google backup, all of which as far as I can tell can be run on in their own anyway.

Ad blockers and VPN I run on my router as I run Asuswrt-merlin.

Yes I like the simplification of just HAOS but may want more in the future, still not sure.

When you have Frigate running eight cameras, you will want a dedicated server. I just don’t want the aggravation of yet another layer of complexity (I.E. something else to go wrong) between my home and Home Assistant.

If you want to use your NUC for other things too then install proxmox, plus HAOS on top. You can VMs or LXCs for other stuff.

Yeah over the weekend I potentially came to this conclusion as well.
Proxmox allows me to split the box up and run different VMs on one box but HAOS as a full install so addons etc.

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There is a howto in the community guides.

This one? Thanks :+1:

Yep that’s the one.