MQTT Mosquito On cloudmqtt Vs Raspberry Pi

After couple of months with cloudmqtt i can see that this is not stable enough for me, i have 9 sonoff devices that connect to the mqtt, can someone help me to decide if install the Mosquito on the raspberry pi (with HA on it) will be better the cloudmqtt?
There’s advantage and disadvantage when install the server on raspberry?

Please help me to decide , Thanks

works fine for me - of course it’s only internal to your network. I actually use cloudmqtt as well (which I’ve not found to be unstable - but only using it for owntracks). You can bridge between the two as well fairly simply.

It’s very easy to set up mosquito - not sure why you wouldn’t just give it a go and see for yourself.

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Thanks for the comment, i am also using owntracks , what is the bridge option? To transfer the data from cloudmqtt to the local mqtt broker?

See this forum thread for details on the bridge

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