MQTT moved server > enitities not found

I have a pi (old one) which served as MQTT server and a pi 4 as the HA server. Worked for a year, but MQTT pi started failing. Added MQTT on the HA pi, see in the log that devices connect:

1601427261: New client connected from as DVES_D19A74

But the entities seem to keep relating to the old server:

old MQTT is on, HA MQTT is on 254

Any suggestions where to look?

Did you remove the MQTT integration in HA, and create a new one using the new IP address ?

There was no mqtt in my HA, only zigbee2mqtt which pointed to the mqtt pi.

Your screenshot shows the mqtt integration pointing to mqtt:, so it must be present in HA.

The screenshot is from an entity, i think the main issue is where to override, or adjust this.

MQTT config now:

I think that is the mqtt add-on ?

Anyway, you need to remove this :


and then reinstall mqtt with the new mqtt broker. Then the entities will be rediscovered using the new broker.

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I just installed it, it was not there before, MQTT was on the other pi, so no MQTT broker was present.

@francisp i think it just hit me… the integration is different from the addon… stupid me!

This is not the MQTT broker, this is the Home Assistant MQTT integration, that’s not the same thing. The MQTT integration is used by home assistant to connect to the MQTT broker.