MQTT New IP address

I am running Home Assistant Core on an unraid server.
I have MQTT installed as a docker container listing my IP address. I set up a user and password according to directions.
I have had to change my IP address.
I have gone back into Tasmota and changed the IP address, user and password, but the devices will not connect.
I could sure use some assistance.
Please tell me what other information you need.

did you do the port 1883 thing

does MQTT Explorer connect

i use the backlog to do those changes

Backlog mqtthost [ipaddress]; mqttuser mqttuser; mqttpassword [yourpassword]; wificonfig 2;

note: dont use homeassistant as username

Thank you @myle
Though I did what you had suggested prior to your post it still has not changed anything.

Also can you explain what you mean by the “did you do the port 1883 thing”

Using the Home assistant core docker, I have a dahua doorbell docker set up and that does connect to MQTT explorer. Nothing else does.

I am still at a loss.

Can you connect with MQTT Explorer or MQTTfx ?

MQTT explorer is just a veiwer of the MQTT data running around your network

“did you do the port 1883 thing” if you wrote your own docker config did you add the right ports ???

is my IPaddress or MQTT server

what about some screen shots just so we can see what happening

Thanks everyone for all the help but I think I may have solved this.
I spent most of the night working on this.
It appears to be working.
What I believe happens is that after deleting all the files to start over again there are some hidden files left that are not deleted.
I moved my setup to a different drive in unraid and from my testing all seemed to work well.
Mqtt explorer can now see my few test devices, so I will prodeed with caution and move on.
Again thank you for all the help.

I should have said that the only way I found to get rid of them was to go the actual disk where the files reside and delete them from there, so /mnt/diskx/Home-Assistant-Core/ instead of /mnt/user/Home-Assistant-Core/.

I had to use rm -rf to make sure that they were gone.