MQTT not showing exposed entity (position) for IKEA FYRTUR blinds

I am running zigbee2mqtt and mosquitto broker integration and I have recently added a couple of IKEA FYRTUR blinds. I can clearly see them in the zigbee2mqtt web UI and it shows a few exposed things:

However, the position is not transferred into an entity in the home assistant.

But it is read as an attribute.

I have tried looking through the zigbee2mqtt docs and forums, but I feel as the position is readable as an attribute that’s not where the problem lies. I think it might be a bug in the mosquitto integration that causes it to be created correctly, but I am not sure.

Does anyone have an idea to what can be the problem? Or can guide me to how I can add the entity to the devices manually?

Are you sure the entity is not disabled ?

Not sure I understand your issue.

Your screenshot clearly show that position is supported on the entity created (the slider). It’s not meant to be a different entity afaik.

Changing the position via the slider or the cover.set_cover_position service does not work?

I was hoping to read the position directly as you can with the battery level, but is that not possible?

Create a template sensor.

… or, generally, use state_attr('cover.fyrtur', 'position') from any template.

I’ll look into it. Does a template add entries to the current device or does it create a new device?

@koying thanks.

It creates a new entity, not a new device.

Thanks for the help. I fixed it by adding the following the in the configuration.yaml

  - sensor:
      - name: FYRTUR position
        unique_id: template_FYRTUR_number_1
        state: "{{ state_attr('cover.fyrtur', 'position') }}"

I haven’t figured out how to add it to the FYRTUR device, but this will do for now.

I have a similar issue but in my case I dont see the cover. entity either!

I only see battery and linkquality entities. In the zigbee web UI I see the everything, but since home assistant does not recognize any cover I can´t program any action.

Regarding the covers I have realized that E1757 is for 140cm and E1756 is for 120cm. Is home assistant able to pair both of them?

It"s not similar besides the fact that it is a MQTT cover. Please open a new thread.

I have this issue too and will add the template sensor to the configuration.yaml when I get a chance.

My question is, will this allow me to pass a state_OPEN or state_Position JSON to an entities node in node red? - Currently, I’m having to send a msg.payload of what I want the blind to do to a MQTT Out node to get it to work for me.

Sorry if it is a silly question but I’m only 2weeks into home assistant. With no coding/programming experience :man_facepalming:lol.