MQTT not Working After Latest Update 2023.7.1

I have used MQTT for years now without issue. Still do not have an issue with MQTT from Home Assistant, but ingesting from Solar Assistant isn’t working now. Does this look correct?

  broker: !secret mqtt_url
  port: !secret mqtt_port
  client_id: home-assistant
  discovery: true

  port: 1883
  client_id: solar_assistant
  discovery: true
  username:  "username_here"
  password:  "password_here"

Am I doing something wrong? Where can I check the logs from the deployment (docker) to check any potential error messages? Nothing changed from the configuration in months and it was functioning without issue.

Thank you!

Disregard. The latest update changed the addressed name. Found another MQTT “device” that was discovered.

Is your solar assistant working on HA reboot? mine doesnt read in after a restart.

Only if i manually reboot mqtt.

Where do you config your solar assistant? Mine is on discovery but doesnt work well.

Thx for the advise!
Had the same issue, only after manual restart of the MQTT broker am I able to see the values from solar assistant