MQTT on archlinuxarm (alarm) with RPi x many and GPIO x many

Hi All, not sure if this has been done before etc. I do understand that HA can talk to the GPIO on a RPi etc. I also understand that HA can run in a cluster type setup. I just wanted to use a different setup for many reasons.

I have written a small collection of scripts which may help other users whom use Raspberry PI GPIO’s. Using MQTT (Mosquitto) in the HA Server this setup will enable you to use as many Raspberry PI GPIO’s you like and get you going in a number of ways.

The link to files is here MQTT Many RPi GPIO’s

I hope this help someone out there, it was a little project i banged up to solve some stuff. I already have many raspberry pi’s sitting around not tasked so i decided to use them and save some dollars. not point buying devices which basically have the same things in them.

I documented it as much is i could and if you understand python you should be good to go.


I have updated these files for anyone interested