MQTT: one RPI with Enviro Phat Sensor send data to another RPI running HASS.IO

Looking for some encouragement, advice, direction or assistance; I’ve embarked on expanding my horizons by making a run at building my own remote sensor, leveraging MQTT (what I believe is the preferred method) and learning some basic Python.

What I’m attempting to do is deploy some sensors using other RPIs around my house and sending data gathered back to Home Assistant. I saw some Enviro Phat component configuration in the Home Assistant documentation; but if I’m not mistaken, that appears to be for the component directly plugged into the RPI running HA.

First; I have one RPI 3B+ running HASS.IO v 0.86.3. As I work towards my desired end state, I have installed the MQTT Add-On and configured it per the HA guides.

Second; I have a RPI Zero with an Enviro Phat sensor. Software for the Enviro Phat is installed and I have a basic python script ( that so far simply pulls the temperature for the sensor, converts it to fahrenheit and prints the output (see below):

#!/usr/bin/env python
import time
from envirophat import weather
    while True:
        temperature = (weather.temperature() * 1.8) + 32
        print("{} degrees Fahrenheit".format(temperature))
except KeyboardInterrupt:

Footnote: Yes, it is set to pull data every second right now; I don’t plan on being so aggressive in the end state. This was/is just for testing at the moment.

Third, I have done some searching around and found a few resources here and elsewhere recommending the installation of paho-mqtt which I now have installed on the RPI Zero running Enviro Phat.

I feel I have come a long way at this point (given my lack of experience at MQTT/Python); what I believe is next is to get paho-mqtt to see the output of and send it over to my RPI hosting HA. I’m hoping, as I take a quick break from my computer screen, that someone could help point me in the direction how to accomplish this, or point out that I’m going about this all wrong (ha!)