Mqtt retained

Hi! At first I want to apologize I’m new to automation
I am using sonoff basic with tasmota firmware and HassIo
My circuit works like this:
Power to the module Sonoff is always active. I can controlling sonoff by mqtt mosquitto on hassIo and manually (break the power circuit with the wall switch, before this, setting POWERONSTATE 2 at the sonoff)

Problem is that, when I push my wall switch relay toggle on 4-5 seconds and than goes off

00:00:00 Project sonoff Sonoff (Topic sonoff, Fallback DVES_73F6F3, GroupTopic sonoffs) Version 5.12.0d-2_4_0
00:00:00 WIF: Connecting to AP1 GrinLink Wi-fi in mode 11N as sonoff-5875…
00:00:04 WIF: Connected
00:00:04 DNS: Initialized
00:00:04 HTP: Web server active on sonoff-5875.local with IP address
00:00:06 MQT: Attempting connection…
00:00:06 MQT: Connected
00:00:06 MQT: tele/sonoff/LWT = Online (retained)
00:00:06 MQT: cmnd/sonoff/POWER =
00:00:06 MQT: tele/sonoff/INFO1 = {“Module”:“Sonoff Basic”,“Version”:“5.12.0d”,“FallbackTopic”:“DVES_73F6F3”,“GroupTopic”:“sonoffs”}
00:00:06 MQT: tele/sonoff/INFO2 = {“WebServerMode”:“Admin”,“Hostname”:“sonoff-5875”,“IPAddress”:“”}
00:00:06 MQT: tele/sonoff/INFO3 = {“RestartReason”:“Power on”}
00:00:06 MQT: homeassistant/light/sonoff/config = (retained)
00:00:06 MQT: homeassistant/switch/sonoff/config = (retained)
00:00:06 MQT: stat/sonoff/RESULT = {“POWER”:“OFF”}
00:00:06 MQT: stat/sonoff/POWER = OFF
20:43:40 MQT: stat/sonoff/RESULT = {“POWER”:“OFF”}
20:43:40 MQT: stat/sonoff/POWER = OFF

How to fix it?

This sounds remarkably like this problem

Yes, it’s the stored mosquitto messages for sure. Just follow my last post in the thread quoted by @gpbenton