Mqtt_room: 2 devices (with same device_id) in 2 different rooms?

What is the expected behavior when an entity is in multiple “rooms” at the same time?

I can imagine two scenario’s:

  • two rooms that overlap (e.g. living room and kitchen)
    • → shortest distance “wins”? Would be fine.
  • devices with identical ID (e.g. ESPresense can have non-unique fingerprint for multiple devices, e.g. an iPhone 12 Pro shows up as espresense/devices/apple:iphone13-3 ), two different devices can be in two different rooms
    • → would like to see these two devices appear in both rooms

I see MQTT messages for both rooms, but the HA entity (of course) shows a single status.
Would be helpful if the entity had an attribute that contains an array of all rooms, e.g. attribute rooms: ['living room', 'office'].