MQTT rtl_433 weather station persistent values between updates?

Hey all,

I am diving into the 433 world and have got an Acurite 5n1 weather station up and running.

The rtl_433 plug-in works great and I am picking up the station perfectly. The problem I am having is that the station doesn’t always update every value when it communicates. Sometimes it communicates temperature, humidity, wind speed, and direction. Then the next message is wind speed, direction, and rain without temp and humidity. This results in my lovelace dashboard often showing zeros since there is no json data to parse for the values not given.

Is there some way to use the last value communicated for the dashboard?

Sorry if this is a basic thing. I did some googling and searching on the forums for persistent mqtt values, but everything seems to be more about the devices or topics persisting reboots and not the actual values.


We have the same behavior with BLE sensor, the key is to add is_defined in the value template like below :

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Wow, I figured it was something simple like that. Solved!

Thanks a ton!

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