MQTT sensor initialization order and async_track_state_change during startup

Hi, I’m having issues with plant component that is backed by MQTT sensors.
During HA startup the MQTT platfrom gets initialized first and all sensors gets autodiscovered (thanks to retained messages on MQTT topics). The plant component gets initialized after that and the async_track_state_change in the component’s setup is not triggered for those initial MQTT sensor values.
Due to the above the plant attributes do not get updated until subsequent update of relevant MQTT sensors (which can take very long time for battery or humidity attributes).

Is there a way to workaround this ? In particular, shouldn’t async_track_state_change function be insensitive to the order of components being initialized (if MQTT was initialized after plant component the I assume it would just work).
Note that forcing dependency through DEPENDENCIES clause doesn’t make sense since MQTT doesn’t really depend on plant.