MQTT Sensor is ignored on Home Assistant

I have sensors with specific payload, which are Ignored by HomeAssistand. I cannot understand why

The discovery payload is:

  "value_template": "{{ value_json.value }}",
  "icon": "mdi:alarm-light",
  "state_topic": "zwave2mqtt/Livingroom/Sensor/113/0/Home_Security/Cover_status",
  "json_attributes_topic": "zwave2mqtt/Livingroom/Sensor/113/0/Home_Security/Cover_status",
  "device": {
    "identifiers": [
    "manufacturer": "Fibargroup",
    "model": "Motion Sensor (FGMS001)",
    "name": "Livingroom-Sensor",
    "sw_version": "3.3"
  "name": "Livingroom Sensor notification Home Security",
  "unique_id": "zwavejs2mqtt_0xcddb486e_88-113-0-Home Security-Cover status"

and the payload from driver:

  "id": "88-113-0-Home Security-Cover status",
  "nodeId": 88,
  "commandClass": 113,
  "commandClassName": "Notification",
  "endpoint": 0,
  "property": "Home Security",
  "propertyName": "Home Security",
  "propertyKey": "Cover status",
  "type": "number",
  "readable": true,
  "writeable": false,
  "label": "Cover status",
  "ccSpecific": {
    "notificationType": 7
  "genre": "system",
  "min": 0,
  "max": 255,
  "list": true,
  "states": [
      "text": "idle",
      "value": 0
      "text": "Tampering, product cover removed",
      "value": 3
  "value": 0,
  "lastUpdate": 1608460775265,
  "nodeName": "Sensor",
  "nodeLocation": "Livingroom"

any help on this appreciated.

Debug logs, show the discovery been read, but nothing else. no errors, no reactions from HomeAssistant.