MQTT sensor used as condition for automation

I run an outside light show at my house with Falcon Player. I have my primary player set up with MQTT to push to the broker on HA, and I have an MQTT sensor set up for it, which is working perfectly fine for status (idle vs playing).

Where I am stuck is this - I have an automation with a trigger of when the front door is opened, and a condition of between sunset and sunrise, to turn on the entry way light. I need to add a condition of if the light show has a status of “idle”, so that the house does not light up in front during the show.

My sensor configuration is this:

        - name: "LightShow Player Status"
          state_topic: "Lightshow/falcon/player/FPP-MegaTree/status"

I can see other things like my entry light to pick “Entry light is off”, but cannot see this sensor in the list to choose a status. Is this possible? Apologies, I am very new to HA, been using it for about 2 weeks now and love the platform, hoping to get over this hurdle. Any help is appreciated!