MQTT sensors stopped working (SOLVED)

All of my sensors that I’m sending through my Sonoff RF bridge with Tasmota just all went to Unknown all of a sudden. I haven’t updated Tasmota on that device in a long long time and it was working after the latest HA update. I can’t seem to figure out what might have happened. Usually pretty good at troubleshooting. I’m seeing that MQTT is connected in Tasmota and Mosquito is logging the connection in the add on logs, getting the messages in the console of the RF devices when they trigger, but it stays unknown in HA.
I’ve checked all logs and nothing is showing out of the ordinary.
Did anything change that I missed? I went back in teh release notes and don’t see any MQTT changes that are relevant.
What am I missing here?

Well thanks for all the help guys! haha I finally figured it out. Guess I’ll share in case anyone is searching the keywords like I was doing trying to figure out my issue.

I finally figured out how to use the “Listen” to a topic feature of the Mosquito add-on. My big mistake here was reading the docs and noticed that they put in an IP address and I kept trying to figure out what IP address I was supposed to use. Turns out you just need to enter a topic. Even after figuring that out there wasn’t anything coming across on the topic that I expected. So I just entered a # there and listened to everything.

Once I started getting data I triggered the door sensor that wasn’t working and low and behold the topic was not what I expected it to be. It used to be tele/Rf_Bridge/RESULT and it was showing as Rf_Bridge/tele/RESULT. I have no idea how the topic flipped but when I replaced that in my configuration it went back to working again.