MQTT - seperate server - no devices

I only restarted HA completely. I thought it will do then automatically what has to be done ? If not should I manually do something ?

Read the documentation

if you added the automation in automations.yaml, they should be discovered.

# configuration.yaml file

# automations.yaml file
- id: shellies_announce
  alias: 'Shellies Announce'
    - platform: homeassistant
      event: start
    - platform: time_pattern
      hours: "/1"  # Modifying this if you are using Shelly Motion can drain your device's battery quickly.
    service: mqtt.publish
      topic: shellies/command
      payload: announce

- id: 'shellies_discovery'
  alias: 'Shellies Discovery'
  mode: queued
  max: 999
    platform: mqtt
    topic: shellies/announce
    - condition: template
      value_template: "{{ trigger.payload_json.gen is not defined }}"
    service: python_script.shellies_discovery
      id: '{{ }}'
      mac: '{{ trigger.payload_json.mac }}'
      fw_ver: '{{ trigger.payload_json.fw_ver }}'
      model: '{{ trigger.payload_json.model | default }}'
      mode: '{{ trigger.payload_json.mode | default }}'
      host: '{{ trigger.payload_json.ip }}'

Its not so easy to understand it correctly.
I have to understand first that it is a MUST or mandatory to follow the minimum configuration. But okay I will try it

Still this message after implementing the minimal configuration in the automation.yaml

This repair issue is related to the Shelly core integration. I assume that you integrated device(s) with the core integration and with the Shellies Discovery. You have to decide which integration you want to use.
If you want to use the core Shelly integration you should correctly configured unicast (go to the documentation to read more).
If you want to use Shellies Discovery you should ignore devices discovered by the integration.


The problem was that ColoT uses the port 5683. I changed it and message is gone and device is found under MQTT.
Nothing mentioned in the documentation about that but ok finally I figured it out.
I See it many times that not all information are given and it will be assumed that all the site information the client (me) should know what is in many cases not the case … but ok it is like it is

CoIoT is not related to MQTT. If your device is configured twice (by the Shelly integration and by MQTT) you should remove one configuration. It is your decision which configuration to remove.

Shelly integration was deleted. Nevertheless before I deleted it the message was gone so it was the right solution.
I decided to manage everything via separate MQTT server so therefore I deleted shells

So what is the problem?

Now nothing any longer. What was the problem is clearly explained above.

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… Caused by you misconfigurations the native integration, which is the only place that warning could have come from.