MQTT Settings with multiple sensors

Good morning. I have a few questions about MQTT and the integration of 10 identical sensors and how I can configure the broker correctly and make the settings in the sensors.

We have a few houses and we want to integrate BSB-LAN into the heating systems everywhere.

I can already see the connection from the BSB-LAN to the HA in MQTT discover, but I have to choose the settings so that each new BSB-LAN also opens its own device.

So here is a question about how I can set it up so that each BSB-LAN arrives at the MQTT broker with house 1-10 and I can then use this to create the new maps in the dashboard.

On the broker side, I think I only have to enter “BSB-LAN” for the discovery prefix?

In the BSB-LAN I now have two parameters that I can set.
Topic prefix and device ID

I thought I would set “BSB-LAN” for the topic prefix and “Haus01” for the device ID, but this means that no new device “Haus01” is displayed as a category in mqtt discover

I played around a bit with the topic and the device ID with BSB-LAN/Haus01 but everything is still displayed under the homeassistant category and then all sensors.

Before I can create a yaml with the individual sensors that I need, I first have to make the devices visible under their own device ID.

I hope I was able to describe my problem well.

Thank you very much.