MQTT- Splitting Configuration

Hi all,

I am struggling with splitting up my mqtt configuration. Basically everything in the integration folder is included via the following command from the configuartion.yaml. And this works for other imtegreations smoothly.

packages: !include_dir_named integrations

  sensors: !include_dir_merge_list ../entities/mqtt/sensors
  bindary_sensors: !include_dir_merge_list ../entities/mqtt/bindary_sensors
  switches: !include_dir_merge_list ../entities/mqtt/switches

under …/entities/mqtt/sensors I have to devided between my differnt sensor-typs, enocean and 1-wire. Therefore I have created a folder for “1-wire” and “enocean” I the foder 1-wire there are the different sensor files

Example DS2438

    - unique_id: DS2438_temp
      name: DS2438 Temperatur
      state_topic: "fhem/"
      unit_of_measurement: "°C"
      icon: mdi:thermometer
      value_template: '{{ value | round(1) }}'
      expire_after: 4000
      availability_topic: "fhem/connection/status"
      payload_available: "connected"
      payload_not_available: "disconnected"

but there is a bug in the structure and I do not understand where it is.

The folder structure under “…/entities/mqtt/switches” has to be merged recursively .


Can someone help me to get this solved for the example sensors? after that I can transfer this structure to the switches and bindary_sensors as well!

Thanks for dupport,

Hi all,

I have it, just looking at the keyword: sensor instead of sensors and binary instead of bindary :slight_smile: