MQTT Statestream - Request Update

I am working my way through getting Home Assistant setup for my needs. I finally figured out (I think) how to publish information about certain entities (Garage door state, door lock state) to MQTT using the MQTT Statestream.

I started with HOOBS and had this setup in that instance using the specific myQ plugin in that system. I could transmit a request message and then HOOBS would send out the current state.

I use this information to update a digital dashboard I have setup in my home. The issue is, sometimes the dashboard needs to get rebooted. Is there a way to send an MQTT request to Home Assistant to request an update of current states be resent? If not, I have to wait for the state change on the device to get the MQTT update.

Sorry if this is obvious, but I cannot see how to request this of Home Assistant. Thanks in advance!

While not as easy as just sending an MQTT request and have Statestream send out a current status update, I think I may have found a solution for my issue.

It appears I can get manual updates to sensors by using the Rest API. Will require some additional programming to execute on my dashboard end, but hopefully provides the solution I am after.

However, if someone can point me to a manual update request via MQTT that will send out a current state update using Statestream , that would be great.