MQTT switch issue

I’ve replaced the battery packs on a couple of led wire string lights with wemos D1 minis. I set them up as mqtt switches with esphome like this:


  • platform: gpio
    pin: D0
    name: " ArchLights"

I’ve integrated them into home assistant and they work brilliantly except for one issue.
When they are in the off state they will intermittently flash on for a fraction of a second at random intervals. Anyone have any ideas what could be causing this, and hopefully a solution? Thanks.

Maybe try a different I/O Pin without any special function?

AFAIK Wemos D1 does use the ESP8266, right ?

Do you use an external power source for the LED’s or do you supply the LED’s via the Wemos? If you supply the Leds with the Wemos maybe it can’t handle the current for the leds.

Maybe the Leds “flicker” of the ESP8266 does WIFI Transmission (which require at lot of power)?