Mqtt switch to cover

hi, i saw the bruhs video of blinds, got it working, it works like a mqtt switch, is there a way to turn that mqtt switch to a mqtt cover?

What’s an MQTT Cover?

Ikea will be adding motorized blinds to their Tradfri line soon.

I’m not familiar with BRUH’s blinds, but you should be able to use MQTT cover
instead of an MQTT Switch.
You just need to play with the command_topic and state_topic and payload_open/close.

Thank You, but that’s what i want to do, i was able to make the Entity but Is not working…that wy i need help

Post your MQTT switch configuration, and also post your current configuration for MQTT cover.
Also, share why or how you want to use Cover instead of Switch as there are a few options to choose from.

I guess because a blind is, by definition, a cover.

This is my switch configuration thats works, dont know what to change to make a mqtt cover

  - platform: mqtt
    name: "Cortina Servo"
    command_topic: "fernandex00/blinds/command"
    #state_topic: "/blinds/state"
    payload_on: "open"
    payload_off: "close"

I think you should be able to replace your switch configuration with the following…

   - platform: mqtt
     name: "Cortina Servo"
     command_topic: "fernandex00/blinds/command"
     #state_topic: "/blinds/state"
     payload_open: "open"
     payload_close: "close"

Thats what i did, i got the cover Entity show in the front end, but it’s not working when i press it

My next suggestion would be to monitor the MQTT broker for messages.
If you are using mosquitto, you can use:

mosquitto_sub -v -t '#'
optionally if you’re broker is password protected add -u username -P password
This allows you to subscribe to all topics, and you can see what is actually sent
when the cover arrow is pressed.

Thank You, but I’m using hassOS, how can i do this?and yes i got mosquitto

you can do it from any computer on your network.

I don’t know about HassOS. If you have ssh access to it, then do so and use the command I mentioned.
Otherwise, you’ll need an MQTT client software package to run, perhaps on your PC, but somewhere else on your network. I’ve know of people using MQTT.fx, so may want to look into it.