MQTT Switch with no state


My setup is currently working this way :

  • I have a MQTT switch configured and working with two lighting bolt in the UI that change state when I click on each of them.

What I would like is to keep these two lighting bolt but to keep no state in the UI. Basically, I would like an ON and OFF button to work but not showing any state.

The reason for this is that my switch is also triggered by another platform so the state in Home Assistant does not always reflect the state of the actual switch, which is confusing at time.

Is it something possible? Thanks!

If that other system post status change to MQTT then you could have to always show right state? Or are you able to query that status?

I think it’s possible to have on and off buttons. I’m not sure how but I think it was with scripts.

Sadly no, Insteon does provide state but not for Scene (scene is basically a broadcast On and Off with no state keep).

But if setting scene on is a broadcast to MQTT then you could listen to that.

If that’s not the case, then you could use

No, the PLM does not send a status update for a Scene.

For the scripts, is it possible to have two buttons side by side (for example, ON and OFF)?

I already use script for Scene that only has an ON component (which show as Activate in the UI) but I am not aware of having two buttons in one script.

Ok. I’m not sure if that kind of button exists. But it would be helpful. Hope somebody can help and create that?