MQTT, Tasmota, and state changes not being captured by HA

I just setup a couple of Sonoff Minis with tasmota 7.1.1 and they have been setup within the mqtt integration of home assistant. The issue I am having is that when I turn on the switch, the sonoff switch turns on, but home assistant shows the switch go on and then back off. So it seems home assistant is not capturing the state of the sonoff mini. image

Where these auto discovered? Or manually configured?

These were auto discovered.

I’m also having this issue with my autodiscovered tasmota devices. This seems to be a issue in the new tasmota 7 versions, I’ve too been having this issue after upgrading my tasmota 6 devices to tasmota 7.

maybe the solution is to downgrade to 6.x

There is an open issue for tasmota.

Basically these devices aren’t updating because autoconfig doesnt pass the right flag to home assistant.

I just downgraded my 2 Sonoff minis to 6.7.1 and ran SetOption19 1 on them. Now they work

I think this is fixed now. See

So do I need to flash my minis with a new tasmota? I have to get this problem fixed?

I believe so; either that or downgrade to 6.7.1. I haven’t flashed mine to 7.x yet.